New York. Solo exhibition of the work of Spanish painter Antonio Cazorla opens at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery


Antonio Cazorla, Sea, 2014, oil on canvas, 21 ¼ x 32 inches.

NEW YORK, NY.- Bernarducci Meisel Gallery presents a solo exhibition as part of the BMG first look program by Spanish painter Antonio Cazorla. Cascading onto the shores of New York, the paintings of Antonio Cazorla crescendo with detail of the sea, the beach, and everything in between. Cazorla’s visual signature is consistently beautiful seascape paintings. He will often turn his attention to the details of the sea, isolating seashells that are sometimes held in glass containers that mimic their shape through reflections. Each painting reflects the diligence of the artist and appreciation of nature.

Sunset Shadows and Sea are both excellent portrayals of the Southern Spanish coast that Cazorla frequents. The blue waters of the Mediterranean crash along the serene sandy coastline under clear blue skies. Every single grain of sand, ripple of a wave, and blade of dune grass is painted into these expansive seascapes. Each sky is represented by blue color field; spanning from light blue to dark blue.

Treasures (2013) is a painting of a seashell collection housed in a glass vase. There is an ample variety of tones and shades of gray and brown that comprise the shells. Their reflections, and those of their surroundings, are present in the fragile glass. The shells, encumbered in their vase, are extra luminescent on the black background. Placed on a brown wooden shelf, the composition recalls Dutch still-life paintings of the 17th Century.

Living and working in Punta Umbria, Spain, Cazorla earned his degree in Fine Art from the University of Seville, Spain. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe. This is the first solo exhibition for Antonio Cazorla in New York City.




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