Klein Sun Gallery. simple life is interesting!,


Yang Xinguang Golden (detail), 2013. Aluminum, plastic board, iron, Wood 80 1/4 x 109 x 4 inches (204 x 277 x 10 cm)

Klein Sun Gallery is pleased to announce simple life is interesting!, an exhibition of pioneering young artists from China. Curated by Janet Fong, with artwork by Li Liao, Liu Chuang, No Survivors, Pak Sheung Chuen, and Yang Xinguang, the show is a reflection on the irony of the complexities that accompany any understanding of what constitutes a “simple life.” Through video and audio installations, sculpture, painting, and photography that highlight the mundane, the artists reveal the irony of the complexities which form “simple life.”

Hong Kong: 2011.11.8 – 2011.11.14, an installation by Pak Sheung Chuen, spans seven days worth of common place, yet creative, notes jotted down by the artist across the gallery’s two central columns and ceiling. The installation appears simple and underwhelming, but it is provocatively complex in content, expression, and significance. As the words crawl up and around the walls of the gallery they illustrate that simple aspects of life deserve a deeper investigation.

Art is Vacuum, by Li Liao, is yet another work that draws attention to the intricate, subtle, and emotionally vivid attributes of “simple life.” Li recorded an argument he had with his girlfriend’s father (now father-in-law). The audio recording captures details overlooked when viewers assume “simple life” is simple. Listeners immerse themselves in the artist’s hesitation as he begins the conversation, the father’s concern for his daughter, and the shared love for one woman.

The artist group, No Survivors, reveal an interrupted and complicated understanding of “simple life” through the acrylic paintings and photographs found in their Red Series. In the paintings and photographs that comprise Red Series, the artists use the color red to attack and invade harmonious and repetitious patterns. In the paintings, the color red shatters an otherwise peaceful scene. In the photos, the color red-and the individuals who define the color as blood-leaves emotional and human memories against the backdrop of a sterile pattern and an over-simplified world.

Yang Xinguang’s work, Mountain Rocks–like many of his works–alludes to the Arte Povera movement in Italy during the late 60s and early 70s. Using simple materials like stones to craft Mountain Rocks, Yang exemplifies the simplicity in form and the complexities in meaning found within “simple life.”

Liu Chuang provides powerful insight into the ideas behind “simple life” with his piece, Buy Everything on You. The work lays out the various articles of clothing and the assortment of objects that are typically found on an individual’s person. The artistry defies a traditional understanding of active creation, as Liu Chuang passively allows the piece to exist without alteration. In doing so, he allows viewers to question their relationship with the showcased items and in turn, the relationship these items share with society.

simple life is interesting! will be on view at Klein Sun Gallery from March 27 until May 3, 2014 and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Janet Fong. Mrs. Fong, along with Yang Xinguang, Li Liao, and Pak Sheung Chuen will be present for the opening reception on Thursday, March 27 from 6-8 PM. For more information please contact Christina Lee at (212) 255-4388 or christina@kleinsungallery.com.


香港: 2011.11.8 – 2011.11.14, 是白雙全的一件”文字裝置”作品,時長7天,在漫步和間息之間,即興創作,藝術家將所有的文字草草記錄下來,粘在一起,交錯放置於展廳的支柱與天花板上。這件裝置作品以簡單且平淡的方式顯現,卻在其內容,表達和涵義裡充斥著亢奮的複雜性。正如這些匍匐在畫廊牆面上的這些文字,它們揭示了生活簡單層面是值得更加深入的探研。





簡單生活,真有趣!將於2014年3月27日5月3日在凱尚畫廊為您呈現。同時畫廊也會為您奉上附有策展人方敏兒撰寫前言的展覽圖冊。方敏兒將與藝術家楊心廣,李燎和白雙全一同出席展覽開幕式,開幕式時間為3月27日,星期四,晚6-8點。如果您需要更多與展覽相關的信息,請聯繫致電Willem Molesworth (212) 255-4388 或者發郵件至willem@kleinsungallery.com

Klein Sun Gallery, 525 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, Phone:: (212) 255-4388
Email:: info@kleinsungallery.com


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