Robert Mann Gallery. Exhibition Closing — Chip Hooper: Surf

LAST CHANCE TO SEE CHIP HOOPER: SURF Exhibition closing on Saturday, February 8, 2013
Last chance to see Chip Hooper: Surf. Exhibition closing on Saturday, February 8, 2013. Chip Hooper’s purist seascapes have always been about more than just the water. Quiet ruminations in superb black-and-white, Hooper’s classic silver prints of California’s Pacific and New Zealand’s South Pacific and Tasman Sea intimate feeling and atmosphere through the sea’s shades and shapes. Large-format 8×10 film locks in each detail of experience in a meditative process of inspiration and reflection. The ocean is Hooper’s muse, his barometer, and, from his longtime home on California’s Monterey peninsula, his daily routine. Yet as he’s photographed these vistas, the artist has also turned his camera downwards to the water’s surface, voiding shore, cliff, and horizon line to focus his lens and his pursuit of emotion. Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to present Surf, the first exhibition of these deeply personal photographs taken over the past ten years. Like Vija Celmins in her enigmatic graphite topographies, Hooper approaches abstraction by reducing nature to pattern and value. Turbid waves, intricate ripples, and soft mélanges of sea spray form textural compositions in which water is not the subject, but the medium for conveying intangible elements of consciousness. Continue reading online. View Chip Hooper: Surf at beginning December 12, 2013.  Left: Surf #1484, 2005


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